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How to Find Self Storage Units Near You


Are you needing a self storage unit? For many, they simply do a Google search and type in "self storage near me". When you do this, chances are there are lot of options that appear. This is a smart way of doing this. After all, who wants to drive 50 miles just to get to their storage unit? Your storage unit is basically an extension of your home, so it makes sense to find one that is near your location. But, why is location so important?

Why Location is Important

There are many people who utilize self storage units for items that they simply need to store. These are not items that they consider junk, in fact, they may use them in one season or another. (Check out our guide with seasonal self storage tips.) Thus, having a storage unit that is near to where you live makes it super easy to get these items if you need them. Even those who may be storing items that they do not use will from time to time, go check on their unit to ensure that their belongings are safe and secure. In these situations, it simply makes sense that you should utilize a self storage facility that is nearby to your home. In the modern world, we are all so busy. With self storage, convenience is everything.

Does It Make Sense to Drive Further for a Storage Unit?

When you are looking for a storage unit, does it ever make sense to decide on a unit that is further away from your home? In some situations, yes it can make sense. When you are considering which self storage unit to go with, you want to choose one that is going to have people who care about your storage needs, who understand that while you may be putting things into storage, this does not mean that you are not wanting these items to be protected.

Here at Smart Self Storage, we understand this. We know that there are times in which you need storage. In fact, we view storage as an extension of your lifestyle. This type of viewpoint allows us to better suit our customers needs, and it makes our storage units well worth the drive. 

There are also other situations in which it makes sense to drive a bit further to store your things rather than choosing a storage unit that is nearby. These reasons include:

  1. If the storage unit is located in an area that has a reputation for being unsafe. After all, when you go to your storage unit you do not want to feel as though you are in danger. And, you also want to ensure that your belongings are safe and not in danger. 
  2. If the storage unit closer to you does not offer a unit size that accommodates your needs, then look further from your home. 
  3. Many people consider the extra features of a storage unit when considering which one to choose. For example, do you need climate-controlled storage? If the unit closer to your home does not offer this, then it may time to branch out further!
  4. Price! You should not have to pay an arm and a leg for storage units. However, that is the case with some storage facilities, and if this is your situation, you may find it worth the extra few minutes and gas to rent a unit that is further away from your home. 
  5. You want a staff that is helpful and available. Too many times, people find that the storage unit they select has a person on staff there for a few hours per day. At other times of the day, this area is simply a ghost town. You want a storage unit that staffs their facility with managers and workers to help you if you need it.
  6. In many situations, it is the best choice to look at storage facilities that are not near your home. If you have nothing near your home or the choices that you have are not the best, then look further. You should not have to settle with a storage unit, as there are places that have everything that you could want in a storage unit.

How to Find a Storage Unit

Ready to store your items? If so, you are going to need to do a little research to find the best storage unit near you. We recommend, googling your city/town first to find the storage options that are near you. However, don't stop there and simply choose one. Be sure that you visit the area to see what they offer, get a vibe of the area and see if you are going to feel comfortable with leaving your items in this storage area. If not, keep looking!

And if you are looking for the best storage options that are out there, be sure to consider Smart Self Storage with locations throughout California. We understand storage needs are not the same for every person and we work to accommodate whatever your needs may be.

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