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How to Make your Moving and Self Storage Day Fun


Moving is not considered a favorite activity for most people. After all, it can be hard, back breaking work. However, here at Smart Self Storage, we want you to have a great day and make this as fun as possible. You need to take breaks throughout the day that you are moving and putting items into storage. That is why we often recommend that you split this up between several days if you can. This way you can take breaks, spend time with the family, and even take part of the several activities that you can find in your new area.

We truly love our local communities, and we have put together some guides on fun activities for those new to our communities. Following you will find a few sample activities in Roseville and Los Angles. Further on, you will enjoy self storage tips that apply to all of our locations. We hope you enjoy today's blog post!

What To Do In Roseville

Did you know? Roseville Self Storage is our newest self storage facility! New families are moving to Roseville every single day, and we are here to get everyone acquainted with our amazing community. For those in the Roseville area, some of our favorite places include:

  1. GolfLand Sunsplash: This is a great family fun are with a water park, miniature golf and laser tag area. The whole family will have fun here!
  2. Looking for some outdoor fun? Check out Miners Ravine Trail Loop! There are walking and bike paths that are going to lead to some amazing views.
  3. Take lunch or dinner at Paul Martin's American Grill for some delicious food!
  4. Do the kids need to play? Check out Wacky Tacky!

You can find even more things to do in the Roseville Area via our brand new infographic: Our Top 10 Favorite Things To Do In Roseville, California.

What to Do In Los Angeles

Are you moving into the Downtown Los Angeles area and need self storage options? Our very own Los Angeles Self Storage has you covered! And we also have a long list of amazing activities in the Downtown LA area - fun for your entire family!

  1. Looking for some great cuisine and beautiful sights? Check out Clifton's where you can dine amongst the forest!
  2. Catch a show at the Walt Disney Concert Hall… it will be a once in a lifetime experience!
  3. Grand Central Market is the place to go if you want numerous food options. There are tons of variety here and that is just one reason why so many people visit this location.
  4. Be sure to take in the sights at Pershing Square. Depending upon when you visit this it could be a park, or it could be ice skating rink!

Want even more ideas? Check out our Top 10 Favorite Things To Do In Downtown Los Angeles Blog Post.

How to Have an Ideal Moving Day

When moving your belongings into self storage, this can be just as stressful as if you were moving into a new home! However, the problem is that a lot of people decide that since they are simply putting everything into storage, that they need to do this in a few hours. If you try this, you are going to be exhausted! So, what can you do to have the ideal moving day into your self storage unit? We have a few ideas!

Start your day off with breakfast, as you are going to need your energy! There is a reason that nutritionists say that breakfast is your best meal of the day for a reason. Once you have eaten, consider what needs to go into the self storage unit first. Remember, you want to load this storage unit in a way that makes sense. For many people, they like to load those larger items that they are less likely to need anytime soon first into the back of the unit. This is completely up to you!

Be sure that you do ask about our free moving truck program. (Program varies a bit facility to facility so please ask your local facility.) This can make your day even easier, as you can get more onto these trucks than you can your family truck or car! At Smart Self Storage, we take incredible pride in our customer service, with our free moving truck program as just one example.

Once you have the first load into the self storage, what can you do then? You could get another load and put this into the self storage unit. Or, the better option, take a little break. Go have lunch in a local park, catch a movie, take a walk around the bike paths in the area or whatnot. Simply, do something that is going to be relaxing. You are more than likely already tired, so something physical may not be the best option.

Remember, no one says that you have to move everything into a self storage unit immediately. You can take a few days if needed. If you do take a few days, you are less likely to suffer muscle fatigue because you did take your time. Plus, you may find that this is less stressful when you span this move over a few days rather than within a few hours!

Last, make sure to stay hydrated! Moving is exercise, and water is so important to staying hydrated throughout the moving process.

If you have questions or need moving advice for your self storage unit, be sure to talk with our branch managers. They are experts when it comes to storage solutions and will have the information that you need to make the most of this move! From all of us at Smart Self Storage, we wish you an incredible moving and storage experience!

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