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Our Fun Smart Self Storage Infographics


One of the things you will instantly see when you come into our Smart Self Storage offices, and of course on our website, is our infographic displays. These are unique and really show off our brand and what we believe in: community, precision, neatness, and professionalism. Each one helps people understand who we are and what we do. The images tell you just as much as the words do. Each one has a bit of a different meaning, so let's break them down a little bit:

Self Storage Rental Guide

Self Storage Rental Guide

Our Self Storage Rental Guide was the first infographic that we created, helping people understand who we are and what we do. It is pretty straightforward and represents quite a bit. The process of deciding on a rental unit is broken down into several steps. This is something you can do by yourself and come in with a good idea of what you need or, because the graphics are in our offices as well, you can go over with a professional.

We have found that doing these steps in this order makes everything much easier for people who are renting their first self storage unit. You are able to see what is important (size, cost, and dates) and what might not be as important.

Then, we go into the next few steps that can help you to rent your unit, namely contacting us, reserving your unit, and signing your contract. Of course, there are more details that you will have to go over with a member of our team, but these are just the basics.

Throughout the infographic, you will see some fun tips and tricks that will make your storage rental process all that much easier and more convenient. 

Why Choose Our Team

Maybe the most important part of this first infographic is the discussion of why you should work with our team. We break it down into easy to digest little bits - no "salesy" speak that confuses you. Just the facts and a few opinions from customers about what is really important in a storage company.

Finally, at the bottom you see the only non-illustration on the guide. This is to help you get a feeling for our facilities and what we do. Our hope is that this will make you more comfortable coming into see us because you know what to expect from our building, parking lot, and more.

Make sure to look over our first infographic and determine whether or not Smart Self Storage is a good fit for you and your needs. We are always working to improve and reach out to more people, so this is a great way to do so. Our contact information is listed, so feel free to reach out to us.

Roseville, California is a Great Place to Be

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Roseville, CA

Our second infographic takes direct aim at our core value of being part of the community. We break down some of the reasons we love to be in Roseville, California (the location of our newest self storage facility, Roseville Self Storage). We tried to vary our choices so that everyone can find something that they love. Not only that, but it will give you something to do when you are here using your self-storage unit. That way, you don't have to worry about taking a trip to your unit to put something in or take something out – you will always know that you have something you can do at the same time.

Roseville is a unique place that we are happy to call home. You will surely get the most out of your time here, especially if you aim to try something that is just a little different for you and your family. This will help to keep you feeling young and healthy - and it will certainly make you more comfortable in the Roseville area. 

Family activities, like mini golfing, laser tag, water parks, a great hands-on museum for kids to use, and wacky tacky make the list. See the infographic to find out more, but these are great opportunities to have your child do something new and exciting while you take care of some business.

For those who don't have children or aren't bringing the kids with this time, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and other opportunities that will quickly turn visiting Roseville and your storage unit into a kind of date night. Sample some of the world's best foods and drinks while spending your time here.

Finally, we highlight a few other options that will keep you coming to Roseville and your unit, whether it is to exercise, learn something, or just do something new. Even if you are from Roseville, these are options that sometimes get overlooked by citizens who feel like they have done it all.

This is truly just the tip of the iceberg to what Roseville has to offer. There is plenty more - which we hope to highlight in some of our future infographics. We aim to make Roseville a destination, not just for our storage units, but for people who need a day away or something to do. This is a great place to be, and we hope to spread that love.


These bright and fun graphics are just one of the ways we are trying to be universal citizens and give back to the rest of our community. We understand that being a business in any area means that we have to take care of that area, so we are trying to do just that. Keep an eye out for more graphics all over our self storage facilities (and our website too). You'll be able to learn some great information. (In fact, we just updated our Storage Tips article to include some fun, new custom graphics, very similar in style to our infographics. We truly hope you find our storage tips helpful and insightful, as we really enjoyed the process creating that article.)

We are always here for you, whether you have questions about a storage unit or something that we have listed on one of our infographics. If there is something that you want us to cover or you have an ide on how to expand, we definitely want to hear from you.

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