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Afters Ice Cream Review - Chino Hills, California


At Chino Hills Self Storage, we truly love our local community! After all, we live here right at our self storage facility. We truly are part of the community and love exploring other local businesses. Today's blog post is a celebration of an amazing ice cream shop called Afters. You know, the moving process can require a lot of energy. A short 3.5 mile drive from our self storage facility, consider making Afters part of your moving day routine! It's a great place to Make Your Moving and Self Storage Day Fun. Without further ado, let's jump into today's review of Afters.

The Very Long Line (It's Totally Worth It!)

It was a beautiful fall evening as I leisurely walked amongst others along the promenade at the Shoppes in Chino Hills. I noticed a very long line on the outside of a shop called "Afters”". Curiosity got the best of me, so I placed myself at the end of this very long line. As I got closer to the door I saw others leaving with cups and cones of ice cream. I thought, "Really? Just ice cream at the beginning of this very long line?"

A bit disappointed, I almost stepped out until I heard a voice behind me say, "Trust me, you don't want to do that." My response, "Is it really worth waiting"? His response, with a smile on his face, "Hence, the very long line." I smiled back and remained. Soon it was my turn to enter. I stepped up to a colorful counter filled with choices of their own signature ice creams and toppings like Milk and Cereal, Cookie Monster, and Jasmin Tea.

Like other parlors, they have the little spoons you can use to taste your potential choices, and so I took advantage of these informative little spoons, and quickly decided on a flavor called Frozen Hot Chocolate. "Two scoops, please, with sprinkles on top!" I happily paid the reasonable price and took my happy self out the front door past the very long line that I almost gave up on. I overheard someone ask, "Really, just ice cream? Is it really that good?" With ice cream in hand and a smile on my face, I said "Hence, the very long line."

It was the most amazing, home-made ice cream I have ever tasted. No wonder "Afters" ice cream has been featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, Buzz Feed and more.

"Afters" Hand Crafted Ice Cream at the Shoppes In Chino Hills 
 13925 Shoppes Dr. Chino Hills, Ca
 As I said, just look for the very long line.

Photos From My Experience At Afters Ice Cream Chino Hills

Photo 1: Heavenly Ice Cream With Sprinkles

Photo 2: Less Talk, More Ice Cream!

Photo 3: Afters Ice Cream Flavors - Chino Hills, CA

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