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Enhance Your Apartment Life with Self Storage


Do you live in an apartment in the heart of a downtown area? This type of living is often sought after as it means that you are centrally located, really close to work, and are able to take in the culture of the downtown experience. Moreover, it's so easy to enjoy a night out on the town after a long day of work! For those who do live in an apartment, they often find that they can do without several things that those who live in a house out of town simply can't live without. For one, they rarely have to have a car, as they can walk or take public transit when living in the heart of a city. They may also find that they rarely have to care what time it is if they want to order food, as something is always open. For many, living in the heart of a city is a dream come true.

However, there is one drawback of apartment living, and this is the lack of space that they may have. This lack of space may make a person feel as though the walls are closing in around them as they have everything that they own crammed into this tiny apartment. Is there a way to still enjoy the perks that come with apartment living and keep all your things? You bet!

Self Storage Is The Answer

The answer to this is self storage. Yes, many people think of self storage as where you place your belongings when moving, which is true for many people in this situation. However, more and more apartment dwellers find that the lack of room in their apartment is causing major issues. For this reason, they are looking at alternate ways in which they can store those items that they may not need every day. And this solution is self storage.

Now, apartment renters are using self storage spaces as an extra room for those items that they may not have room for at their apartment. For example, those who like to take sporting vacations often place kayaks, mountain climbing gear and the like into self storage units, and then simply pick these up when they are needing them. As another example, those who work from home are finding self storage as a great place to keep records and business stock. Why clutter up your beautiful downtown apartment with all of your business records and items? At Los Angeles Self Storage, we like to think of self storage as an extension of one's lifestyle.

Items To Place Into Self Storage

So, what items are apartment renters placing into self storage? There are several ideas! Apartment dwellers often have less closet space than a typical house, thus, many people put their old wardrobe in storage or they place these seasonal clothes into storage until they are needed. Other times, they simply declutter and put those items that are still sentimental into these self storage units to hold onto until later. Others enjoy self storage as a great place to house collectibles that are not enjoyed on a day-to-day basis. Yet others store furniture that may come into use one day, later in life. Luckily, being so centrally located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, you are going to find that you can easily zip back and forth between Los Angeles Self Storage and your apartment when needed.

Tips for Placing Items into Storage

For those who live in apartments, self storage will be an additional room, a special place in your life. In our opinion, it makes to treat it as such, placing items in your storage unit in an incredibly organized manner. That way, you will always find what you're looking for, and it will be such a positive experience each time you enter your storage unit! Here are a few tips that are meant to help:

  1. Consider using clear boxes that are easy to identify what is inside, along with putting a label on the side and top to ensure you know what is in these.
  2. Be sure to drape a cloth over large items to block dust. (Want more tips on dust control? We just wrote an entire blog post all about Keeping Your Self Storage Unit Dust-Free.)
  3. Consider purchasing some shelving units to put into this storage unit to make this more organized!
  4. Consider placing a little chair in your unit. When you are visiting and sorting through your belongings, it's always nice to have a place to sit down and rest.
  5. Consider dressing up your unit with a little area rug and maybe even a photo or two (these sit well on shelves). The friendlier the vibe of your unit, the more you will want to utilize your space as an extension of your lifestyle.

And if you need more guidance, be sure to talk with our storage managers, as they are the experts and have several tips and information that can make your self storage unit more organized! At Los Angeles Self Storage, we love our customers and look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Living in an apartment can be great, but the key is ensuring that you have enough room for all your belongings. And self storage units are the way to go rather than living in your apartment with no walking room!

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