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Blue Anchor Park Trails

Blue Anchor Park (Loomis, CA)


One wonderful thing about living in the Rocklin community is the variety of activities in local recreational parks.  While Rocklin has several beautiful parks ranging from very large to small neighborhood-style parks, it's good to have as many parks as possible to visit. Some are great for kids but don't offer trails or activity areas for adults.  Others are better suited for older children and adults but not toddlers. And when things heat up in the summer, the type of water activity may be the determining factor on which park will hit the spot. The great news is that the Rocklin community has great neighbors and, with that, more choices for park fun. If you live in Rocklin and want an alternative park for your young children, head over to Loomis! Blue Anchor Loomis Park is the perfect park for toddlers and young kids to play, especially when the temperature heats up. That's because this little park provides ease of access both in location and in use. Loomis, much like cities and towns across America, has placed value on giving people a way to have fun that's both free and safe. Blue Anchor Loomis Park is a small park with big fun for little kids, especially in the summer when the splash pads are turned on. Splash pads are a perfect alternative to swimming pools and have increased in popularity with each passing year. Have you ever wondered what the origin of a splash pad is? Here's a hint-think New York City and a fire hydrant. 

Blue Anchor Park Loomis CA

New Yorkers' Passion for Fire Hydrants

Aside from the obvious reason everyone should love a fire hydrant anywhere one is found, New Yorkers have earned notoriety for their relationship with their fire hydrants. In fact, the New York Times ran a great story in 1904 telling the story of the first non-emergency use of a New York fire hydrant. The story goes like this. It was May of the year 1904, and a man employed as a street cleaner had inadvertently left a wrench beside a fire hydrant. Not long after that, a mischievous boy came along carrying a big suitcase. The boy took it upon himself to use the wrench to turn on the fire hydrant. Soon a wild rumpus ensued as others joined in the fun of playing in the flooding waters. Seeing the fun all around him, the mischievous boy threw the wrench into a nearby sewer, therefore, ensuring that the fun wouldn't end as quickly as it started. The punchline to the story is that someone in authority eventually tried to close off the hydrant but without any luck. The mischievous boy, watching the futile attempt, yelled out, "get a cork!"

It's not clear that this was the first time a New Yorker used a fire hydrant as a means of recreation, but it certainly wasn't the last. The first fire hydrant in downtown New York was installed in 1808. From that point on, the city became dotted with fire hydrants, and by the early 19th century, New Yorkers turned to these deliverers of life-saving water as a way of gaining relief from the sweltering heat of summer. Once small groups of children would gather around the hydrant, someone would get a wrench and open the hydrant. But without something to drive water to go upward, the fun wasn't complete. Typically, someone would place a stick in the nozzle to cause the water to spurt skyward, causing tremendous glee for children would now enjoy the wonderfully cooling effects of a fire hydrant's shower.  

While this understandably fun activity was popular with New York residents in general, it was a source of great concern for city officials. Should a fire hydrant be needed to put out a fire, having them turned on for recreational use at the same time would cause a lack of required water pressure to fight a fire. Historically, New York residents and city officials have battled over this issue for at least a century. But what hasn't caused a battle is creating a similar effect specifically for recreational use; that's where the splash pad enters the scene. 

Blue Anchor Park Loomis CA

A Cool Alternative

Splash pads have recently become popular and are often a family's summertime recreation destination. There are several reasons why splash pads are popular. For municipalities designing parks, it's a great way to offer a fun water experience at a fraction of the cost of a pool. While not meant to replace the pool, they're popular enough to warrant the relatively small financial investment. Saving money is vital for any city, and for municipalities struggling with functionally obsolete and costly pools, splash pads are a brilliant alternative to pools. Splash pads are also flexible as they are scalable. For small towns, they provide a way to offer a fun feature that can be added to an existing neighborhood park or fit the design of a small new park. On the opposite end of the budget, splash pads can be large, elaborate water features that are sometimes separated into a large theme. Whether big or small, because of their key feature being jets and sprays, they offer an endless combination of choreographed movements, sizes of water spray, and a variety of intensity levels.  

There's Something for All Ages

Blue Anchor Loomis Park is a charming place to spend time with your little ones. This small neighborhood park is a perfect destination any time of year, especially when the hot days of summer arrive. As you're driving through Loomis' main street from the direction of Rocklin, this park is an immediate left on Horseshoe Bar Road. Nestled a few feet from some great eateries, Blue Anchor Loomis Park is a peaceful, small park that's perfect for toddlers and young kids. 

Although this park doesn't have a large amount of equipment for kids to play on, it does have enough for kids to keep busy and entertained. But the big deal at this park is the splash pad. It's a great size, has lots of showering spray features, and is never crowded, so both kids, and those monitoring them, can relax and enjoy every aspect of the day. One of the many things this little park has going for it is the location. Not only is it easily accessible, but it is also within a few feet of Taylors (home of over 350 milkshake flavors) and two excellent restaurants that serve everything from barbecued food to artisan pizza. While your little ones are having a great time staying cool in the splashing water, you and your friends can enjoy a great meal. It's easy to see how Blue Anchor Loomis Park has something for everyone. So next time you want to take your little ones to have fun splashing away the day, head over to Blue Anchor Loomis Park. And don't forget to bring your appetite as some of the area's best food is just a splash away.   

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Hidden gems like Blue Anchor Loomis Park come to our attention because we're always on the lookout for fun things to share. As your neighborhood self storage facility, Stanford Ranch Self Storage appreciates the great qualities the Rocklin area offers its residents. It's a great place to work and play! We take pride in learning about the Rocklin community, and its neighboring towns, because we want to encourage our customers to treat themselves to fun after a hard day of moving. We understand that moving can be tiring so being able to share some ideas of where to eat, shop and play is one way of showing our customers we care about their moving experience. Please stop by our state-of-the-art self storage facility and tell us about the hidden gems you've found in the Rocklin community.  We're open and practicing social distancing so please come on by. We look forward to seeing you.

Blue Anchor Loomis Park is located at 3550 Taylor Rd.
Loomis, CA  95650. 
Open seven days a week.  Splash pad is operational May through September.

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