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Granite Rock Grill Rocklin California

Granite Rock Grill Review (Rocklin, California Restaurant Review)


Granite Rock Grill…All I can say is this is the real deal of a comfort food eatery that invites you to come really hungry!  Okay, one sentence is never all I can say but I had to try it just once.  Now let's get down to talking about what's going on over at Granite Rock Grill.  This is a real deal, mom and pop restaurant that makes everything from scratch.  Everything.  And if that's not enough, it's a place that will always make you feel that you're absolutely welcomed, appreciated and treated like the valued guest you really are.  In all the ways that are great, eating at the Granite Rock Grill is like taking a step back in time.  It's very fitting that a restaurant like this sits in the heart of Rocklin's Quarry District and I'm so excited to tell you about this amazing find!  

Roots on the Grill.

Having lived in this area most of my life, I've seen locations go through a few businesses and, like most locals, am curious about the new thing on the block.  I remember when Rocklin's Granite Rock Grill (then was known as Granite Rock Café) opened.  There was hardly a blink in time before word spread that this was a must try place. You know how that goes, who wants to be the person that hasn't tried the newest must try place?  Not me!  So, my husband and I, along with our high school football player of a son went for it.  Unbelievable!  It was (and remains to this day) a welcoming, comforting, fun, lively, sweet place to eat great food.  Granite Rock Grill's owner, Kay Gardner, really knew what she was doing with her vision for this place.  She's been in the restaurant business her whole life and her know-how is served up in every detail.  From the comfortable ambiance to the last sip of piping hot coffee, there's nothing but great things to experience at Granite Rock Grill.  It's been a consistently great place to eat with amazing food since opening in 2004.  Here are just a few reasons why.

Granite Rock Grill Fireplace Rocklin CA

Homemade the Old Fashioned Way.

You know the adage, "the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach"?  Well it turns out there's a lot of truth in that adage and it applies to women and men.  I did a bit of researching (as I will always do) on the psychology of comfort food and learned a bit about why some food is considered "comfort food".  According to several studies on this topic, comfort food is about the connection between how people feel when eating certain foods and things from childhood that made them feel lovingly attached to caretakers.  See, I always thought it as about the food induced coma that made people feel comfortable.  Silly me!  Regardless of the actual reason, there are culinary standards that a restaurant's offerings usually have when its specialty is considered "comfort food."  Typically, the ambiance is casual, relaxing and invokes a feeling of nostalgia.  The menu offers dishes and ingredients that are familiar to most people but can be done with tasteful changes for a more contemporary twist.  Well, that just describes Granite Rock Grill to perfection!  From sauces to cinnamon rolls, everything is homemade!  It is one thing (among many) that Kay is passionate about.  There are no shortcuts or hacks happening here.

Eat Here and You're Hooked.

Fast forward to yesterday from 2004.  My husband and I decided it was a perfect day to eat at Granite Rock Grill because it was raining and it'd been a while since our last visit.     We arrived mid-morning on Superbowl Sunday thinking we might slip in without a wait. Nice but no dice (as they used to say back in the day).   The parking lot was full and we waited about 10 minutes for our table.  Not a problem and well worth it. The wait staff is absolutely the friendliest, knowledgeable and most attentive group you'll find anywhere.  Our coffee cups were never four sips in before we were offered more. I had a few questions about some of the dishes and each question was patiently answered as if our server had nothing else to do that morning.

And the food? Oh wow, you just have to eat here to fully appreciate what I'm talking about.  It's perfection!  Each category of breakfast and lunch has several creative choices and there's enough to take home each time.  Remember earlier when I said that our football playing, high school aged son would join us for breakfast here?  Well, can imagine how much someone that age, during football season, can consume?  He'd always get full before finishing 2/3rds of meal.  Always. That puts the portion sizes into perspective.  You will always take some home or have enough to share with others at the table.  The food is great and equally great is the service.  I'm seriously dishing out the truth here- it's like stepping back in time.

Yesterday, we were asked our names by our server, Big Gabby (referred to that way because apparently there is a Little Gabby here too) was the nicest person and appeared to love what she does.  We were also waited on by other equally as friendly servers as the philosophy here is everyone works as one team.  I noticed servers were often engaged with patrons in a conversation that sounded like an exchange between friends.   And everywhere I looked, there was something that came into view that made me feel happy and safe and dare I say the obvious…comfortable.  The walls are painted with beautiful murals in a style that draws the viewer into their richly detailed scenes.  The fireplace (portrayed above) contained a roaring fire and despite casual dining, the napkins are linen and a gorgeous blue color which, I have to say, is an awesome touch in a restaurant that's already unbeatable in every way.  Granite Rock Grill is truly one of Rocklin's gems so PLEASE don't miss out on this treasure.  Go there, you'll quickly be among your new friends.

At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, We Love Rocklin Gems Like Granite Rock Grill

Speaking of friends, Stanford Ranch Self Storage is your friendly, neighborhood self storage facility.  We love Rocklin and always appreciate the opportunity to share the many great gems we come across like Granite Rock Grill.  We just opened for business and can't wait to show our neighbors what a great solution we offer for so many storage needs.  So, please come by to meet us, see what we're about and share what some of your favorite Rocklin gems are.

Happy Nostalgia-ing.

Want to visit Granite Rock Grill? Here is their address: 5140 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677. Here's their phone number: (916) 625-9252. By they way, don't forget to check out our other Rocklin, CA reviews! At Stanford Ranch Self Storage, we love reviewing local resturants. For example, we recently reviewed Edwin's Coffee an Tea.

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