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Senior Living in Rocklin

Senior Living in Rocklin


Rocklin's great offerings cover the needs of all ages and stages of life from newborn to senior citizen. As with many communities across the nation, there's a sizable percentage of Rocklin's residents who are over the age of 55; so, living in an area that caters to all segments of its population is extremely important. Well, it should be of no surprise that Rocklin is an excellent place to live if you're a senior citizen.

One size Does Not Fit All

When looking at the needs of any one stage of life, there are many factors that impact the needs of those living in each stage. This truism applies to senior citizens the same as it does for any other stage of life.  However, there are some factors in this stage of life that create a general category of needs. So today I'll be sharing three general need categories from senior citizens living an active lifestyle who want peer-centered activities all the way to those who have family members coordinating the in-home care. First, let's look what's available at the fun things that Rocklin offers its active seniors.

Senior Park

Rocklin Community Center Senior Activities

The senior citizen stage of our lives is a time of life where we get to focus on what want for ourselves and it's fun to have people to spend time with. For those wanting to be with others who love to have fun and learn new things, Rocklin Community Center is the place to go. It offers a variety of activities for seniors who want to stay active as well as remain connected with their community. I was really impressed with the activities ranging from senior video day, a fitness program, bridge and pinochle as well as variety of classes throughout the month. And as always, volunteers are always appreciated. The perfect thing about this center is that it's in the same location as the beautiful Johnson-Springview Park! Not only are there great activities going on in the Rocklin Community Center, the center is surrounded by wonderful walking trails and all the other amenities found at this gorgeous park. For more details on Rocklin's Johnson-Springview Park, read Stanford Ranch Self Storage's Blog About Johnson Springview Park.

As mentioned earlier, the needs of senior citizens are as a varied as the needs of any other segment of the population. While many seniors remain independent of help for any of their activities of daily living, others have difficulty safely completing those activities without some assistance. For that segment of the senior population, Rocklin has one of the most highly regarded in-home care agencies…Visiting Angels. Please continue reading to learn why Visiting Angels is highly ranked in its industry.

Visiting Angels of Rocklin

In my former career, I supervised a large program that assessed people and authorized in-home services for senior citizens in need of assistance so that they could remain safely living in their own homes. To say the least, I have extensive knowledge in the field of in-home assistance for the elderly. Overall, everyone benefits from leading as independent a life as possible. Doing so safely is the key to remaining as independent as possible. Rocklin senior citizens are fortunate in having Visiting Angels of Rocklin in the community. This is an in-home care agency that deserves its excellent reputation in the in-home care industry. While Visiting Angels specializes in providing a broad range of services, it's especially known for its specialized programs for Alzheimer's, dementia and care designed to reduce hospital re-admissions. It has programs designed to boost its client's social engagement and reduce the risk of hospital readmission. It offers cooking services, non-urgent medical transportation, companionship and even socialization routines designed to decrease isolation. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of help in order to continue living safely and comfortably in one's own home. Visiting Angels can help with that goal. But when more help is needed and a person can't safely live alone, Daycation for Seniors is a great addition to the care plan for a senior citizen living with loved ones.  Here's what I learned about this great service.

Daycation for Seniors

While many senior citizens can live independently, others can't and rely on others people to keep them safe. One of the contributing factors to someone no longer being able to live alone is his or her lack of being able to be safe because of dementia. Multi-generational households are often a solution to the challenges presented by a senior citizen's dementia.  People with advanced dementia (no matter what type) can't be left alone and those they live with are often still working outside the home. As a social daycare activity center for senior citizens, Daycation for Seniors is an excellent service to have for a senior citizens care plan. It not only provides an additional way for keeping those with dementia safe, it provides other vital services which include opportunities for socialization, emotional support, and physical and intellectual stimulation.

The symptoms of advanced dementia make a person vulnerable and therefore, it's important to be able to trust their safety to only the best. Daycation for Seniors is licensed by the department of social services and therefore, has strict regulatory requirements it must meet in order to obtain, and keep, its licensing. These requirements include specialized training for staff as well as background checks through the California Department of Justice. As part of the mission of Daycation for Seniors to help all its clients maintain engagement in life, the center provides activities such as exercise, family celebration, art, crafts, holiday celebrations, reminiscing time, discussion of current events, companion and pet therapy time as well as games and social time. Each fun activity is structured to stimulate a client mentally, physically, creatively and expressively. Daycation for Seniors is an excellent service when a higher level of care becomes needed during the day.

Self Storage Can Help With Multi-Generational Households

Multi-generational home sharing can be challenging and often creates a situation where there are more possessions than space. But the tasks related to combining households may not be the best time to decide what to keep. Self storage is an excellent solution so that you and your loved ones can focus on the task of moving into together. We at Stanford Ranch Self Storage (a brand new Self Storage In Rocklin) specialize in providing sensitive, caring and professional services during what may be a difficult time in the life of your family. We make sure to provide you with the storage assistance needed so that you can remain focused on the other aspects of your move. As your neighborhood self storage solution, we're honored to be able to share information on a variety of subjects to help our community. If you know of any services you'd like us to share with our readers, please come by and visit us. We'd love to meet you!

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