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A Fun Place to Visit in West Sacramento: Southport Town Center


West Sacramento Self Storage is part of the Westbridge Plaza. And for those who have visited this area, they know that it boasts a little bit of everything. From our storage facilities you can easily go to McDonald's, Taco Bell, the gas station, Lowe's, Yolo Federal Credit Union, Panda Express, Streets of London and so much more! For those who are moving their items into our storage units, they can find everything that they may be needing for their unit whether this be a few totes to put inside or even just to pick lunch up after a hard morning of moving into a storage unit. However, for those who are in the area and want to find even more variety, check out the neighboring shopping complex called Southport Town Center.

Southport Town Center is located at 2155 Town Center Plx, West Sacramento CA 95691. Located right off of Jackson Blvd. and right across from Lake Washington Blvd., there are many shops here, that we actually frequent quite a bit! It is another fabulous shopping location for those who may be stopping in to check on their storage units.


Starbucks is located inside of the Southport Town Center, and we are frequently visiting here. After all, everyone needs a caffeine fix from time to time during the day! For those who are moving their items into our storage units, Starbucks is just a bit down the road and it can give you the espresso that you may need to put a little more bounce into your step while moving items into storage. We know this can be hard, and anything can help…including a caffeine fix!

Wells Fargo Bank

Are you new to the area or looking for a new bank? Then check out what Wells Fargo Bank has to offer! You never know, you may find that this friendly branch is just the type of hometown feel to a bank that you are looking for.

SnS Salon & Spa

There is no better way to relax than to take some time for yourself! Anytime you feel that you could use for a boost, check out SnS Salon & Spa! Those who go here have nothing other than nice things to say about what the salon has to offer its clients, and it is sure to be a relaxing experience that will you get you through the rest of the work week.


Target is a national retailer that also calls this area home. Those who are looking to find totes or other storage-related items for their self storage unit will find them here if they are interested. Plus, you never know what you are going to find here including décor items that you can place into your self storage unit until the holiday to use them. As we all know, Target often has some great after season deals on décor and home items…having a self storage unit nearby may be a great idea!

SAFE Credit Union

The SAFE Credit Union is a distinguished bank in the area, and one that people are going to find offers some great incentives for becoming a member. Those who use a credit union often find that the get lower rates and the like when it comes to loans, credit cards and whatever else they may need. If you are in the area, looking for a line of credit or a new bank, why not give them a try?

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

This is a prime location for all the businesses that are located here, as they are going to find that this is the place for all your shipping and printing needs. With its convenient location, it has become a hot spot for businesses and individuals passing through the area that have a printing or shipping need. Some of our customers at West Sacramento Self Storage are small business owners. They leverage their self storage unit as a critical component of their business operations. How amazing is it that the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center is so close by as well, truly a time-saver for small business owners.

Business and Self Storage

The prime location of our West Sacramento Self Storage facility is not only for those who call the surrounding area home. In fact, several businesses have also found that self storage units are the way to go when they are wanting to keep their business fully organized and functional. How is this? For example:

●    Extra inventory that is not ready for the shelves yet can be stored in one of our storage units.
●    Many people use self storage units as a way to hold paper records, especially when they have a digital copy on their computers at the office.
●    Other business stores their décor that they decorate their stores with via our self storage units until the next year.

The benefits of doing this is that it gives your business more flexibility on office space. Businesses can save on expensive office space by supplementing an existing office with self storage or going completely virtual and keeping all business items in a self storage uit. Consider how much space you could free up at your business if you were to use a self storage unit as a location for all those things that you don't need at this moment?

Location Location Location

This is why location is so important to us. Here at the West Sacramento Self Storage we are surrounded by some of the best businesses that can be found anywhere, and we want to support these businesses in any way that we can. Whether this is hopping into Starbucks for a coffee refresher or going over to the FedEx location to have copies made, we do business locally and we are here to offer our services for the same businesses.

Businesses who are located in the Southport Town Center don't have far to go in order to get the storage units that they need. And we can help you with figuring out what is the best method for using your self storage unit to make the most sense for your business as well! As well as suggest a size of unit that is going to work well for your needs. With our security and state of the art units, you know you are in great hands at West Sacramento Self Storage.

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