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Self Storage to Accompany Your Brand New Home in West Sacramento


West Sacramento is so full of life and is becoming super popular. So popular, in fact, that many new homes are being built in the area! There are many people who have moved into the area, some even purchasing a home at Riverchase by Anthem United Homes, or one of the homes that is at The Good Project by Bardis Homes, or even Newport Meadows by Seeno Homes. For those who are buying these new homes, they are going to find that a new self storage unit may go hand in hand with this purchase! 

Here at West Sacramento Self Storage, we are a brand new self storage facility that will fit in great with your brand new home. Our location in Westbridge Plaza may be just a short distance from your new home. We invite you to look at self storage as an extension of your home, and that is how many of our customers view their self storage units. We have compiled a few ways in which a self storage unit could be great for your new home.

Moving Into Your New Home

For many people, since they are moving into homes that are just being built, they need to store their belongings for a short period of time until they are completely ready to move into their new home. Other people prefer to put their items into self storage until they have gone into the new home and made any color changes on the walls that they want to make. This way, they are not having to deal with boxes and furniture everywhere.

For those who are moving into a home, self storage continues to play a role. A few examples:

  • Store the furniture that you are not sure as of yet that you want to use in the home or not. 
  • Maybe you want to unpack just the essentials right now and decide on the other things later, then self storage is the answer. 
  • Use the self storage unit as a place to store those extra items that you are not sure you are putting into your home. For example, those family heirlooms that you want to keep, yet are not sure about displaying in your home.

The idea is that with a self storage unit you are not going to be bombarded with the moving in process all at once. Moving into a new home can be super stressful, so if you can slow the process down and get this just right, a self storage unit can be your best friend!

Storage Units for Clutter

When you packed to move into your new home, did you take the time to de-clutter your old home before packing? Many people do this, others decide to put everything into a storage unit and go through their items at another time. We do have a suggestion: be sure that you are labeling boxes while packing up so that you know that there are some items that still need to be gone through. Once you have them in the storage unit, you can go through these on your own time. And don’t forget to donate those items that you no longer want that are in decent shape for someone else to enjoy!

Storage Units as a Garage 

Did your new home come with a garage? In most cases, they are coming with attached garages, however, they are often meant for vehicles. For those who have tools, they may find that this does not leave them with much room. This is where self storage units can help. Here you can store those tools that you use from time to time, along with other items that you may not need year-round. For example, the landscaping tools you may not need during the last half of the year, so store this in the self storage unit. Just be sure to remove any type of gasoline or flammable liquids from these before storing.

Seasonal Décor Storage

Many homes really go all out when it comes to seasonal décor. But what happens to this décor during the rest of the year? Unless you have tons of space, then more than likely this is shoved into boxes and put into the garage, basement or the spare bedroom closet. Why not store this in self storage units? You are going to find that this clears up a lot of space in your new home and it will be easy to access next year when it is needed. Be sure to pack this décor just as you would when moving so that nothing is broken during transit from your new home to the self storage unit.

The main idea behind having a self storage unit to go with your new home is that you want this new home to remain spotless, clutter free and just as you moved into it for years to come! Self storage units simply give you that extra space to store those items that you want to keep yet not in the home. From tools to seasonal décor, anything can be put into storage units for later. We often suggest that people consider those shelving racks that can easily be purchased at a local home improvement store as a way to organize those items that are being put into their storage units…making it even easier to find what is needed when needed.

For those who are considering the West Sacramento area, we are here for your storage needs. And when looking for a new home, you are going to find that there are several companies and neighborhoods that are going up right now. These include:

  • The Good Project at 138 4th Street, West Sacramento offering 2 to 3 bedrooms
  • Newport Meadows by Seeno Homes at 2769 Marlin Street, West Sacramento
  • Riverchase at 3218 Crane Lane, West Sacramento

With any new home, remember, a self storage unit is a logical choice!

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