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10 Easy Ways to Declutter


Is your home cluttered? Perhaps you have a garage that has so many items in it that you can't even fit your car? Cluttered homes and garages can be an eyesore, as well as being a stressor! The good news is that we have a solution! Here at Smart Self Storage, our storage units are used by many people and families who have extra stuff lying around that they want to keep yet are items that they really do not need in their home currently. The key question people have is how can they use self storage units as a way to declutter their home? We have ten easy ways that you can easily use self storage units to start the decluttering process and get to a more organized home!

Tip 1: Seasonal Decorations are Perfect in a Self Storage Unit!

Do you decorate a lot for the holidays? Whether you go all out or just have a few tote boxes full of items, these are items that are taking up a lot of space in a closet, basement or your garage, and they are those that can easily be put into a self storage unit. Be sure that you are labeling these boxes so that you can easily find these decorations when you need them! (Fun fact: We just wrote a helpful blog post about Storing Your Halloween Decorations. We hope you like it!)

Tip 2: Store Sporting Equipment in These Units!

Sports only last for certain seasons, so what happens to all the equipment that you have when the season is over? For many people, they pile it up in the garage or in the corner of a bedroom until the next season. However, there is a better option. You can store this sporting equipment into your self storage unit. And we are not just talking about balls and gloves. Sporting equipment like fishing gear, kayaks, pitching machines and all the equipment that you use can be put into storage until the next season!  (Want to learn more on this topic? You may find our blog post on Self Storage For Golfers and Athletes helpful.)

Tip 3: Store Seasonal Clothing in Self Storage

Who else ends up having to take out those summer clothes and put winter clothes back into the attic or basement? There are many people who have a closet full of clothes and simply cannot fit every seasonal clothing item they have at the same time into the closet. If this is the case with you, you can easily store these clothing items in a self storage unit. Be sure to launder them first and then store these as you would in your basement or attic. They will be waiting for you when the season changes again! (More tips on storing seasonal clothes in our Self Storage For Seasonal Items blog post.)

Tip 4: Use Self Storage for Inherited Items or Keepsakes

Almost everyone gets items that they have inherited or those items that are considered keepsakes, yet they take up a lot of space in your home. For those who have a lot of these items, they can place them into self storage units. However, be sure to take care of them properly. You will want to wrap them and ensure that they are protected from dust and temperature changes so that they are always in pristine shape. (Did you recently inherit items from your parents? Here's a helpful blog post about Self Storage for Inherited Items.)

Tip 5: Great for Business Records and Paperwork

Does your business have a lot of records and paperwork sitting around taking up space? Many businesses are moving their records into storage units. They may move the entire filing space into these units so that they can have more of their business space back. We do recommend that you keep a digital copy of all of your records. (At Smart Self Storage, we love helping small business owners. Learn in this helpful blog post about all the ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Self Storage.)

Tip 6: Store Sentimental Children's Items

For parents, when kids start to grow up it can be hard to part with those items that they once adored. And for new parents, who may be planning on expanding their family later, self storage units can be a great way to save all those children items. From beds, toys and furniture that kids have outgrown, these can all be placed in self storage units. (As a related note, you may enjoy our Roseville Self Storage facility blog post about Self Storage for Parents With Young Children.)

Tip 7: Realtors Can Store Staging Furniture

Many real estate agents who are looking to sell a home faster will often stage a home. However, what do you do with the furniture once you are done? Many realtors are keeping the furniture in their offices or even in their own homes. Why deal with this? Instead, place these into self storage units to have the furniture in the right place.

Tip 8: Store Yard Equipment

At some point in the year, chances are your yard equipment is going to sit in the garage and not be used. However, many people have limited room in their garages. When this is the case, why not store these items in a self storage unit until it needs to be brought out again? The key is to ensure that the equipment is drained of fuel and also ensure that everything is greased and ready to go once you get it out.

Tip 9: Odds and Ends

How many people have a room or a section of their home just for those odds and ends pieces that they want to keep yet have no room for? Many people use self storage units as a way to have some extra room for these random odds and ends. Whether it be old clothes, old furniture or even old keepsake magazines, ensure it is clean, dry and labeled in boxes when you are storing it away! (Of course, we always suggest that you take a good look at your odds and ends before storing them. Ask yourself the question whether you truly want to keep these items, or if it makes more sense to donate them to someone else.)

Tip 10: Use Self Storage When Moving

Are you going to be moving soon? Why not use a self storage unit for those items that you do not need right now. This can be a great way to declutter the home before others look at it. And it has been shown that a home that is decluttered is going to sell better than one that has a lot of stuff inside. Once you are in your new home, you can get your belongings out or even better, use this storage place for those items that you really don't have the room for anymore!


Decluttering is something that may seem hard at first. However, when you have a self storage unit to place these items in, it makes it easier as you are not having to part with your items completely. Want to learn more about Smart Self Storage and how we can help you in your decluttering journey? Please reach out today! We cannot wait to meet you!

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