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Give Your Family the Gift of Self Storage


The holiday season is here! Who else is excited? We know we are! However, we also know that when the holidays roll around many people are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in their lives. It can be downright frustrating trying to find something that this person is going to love and is something that they are going to actually use. This year, instead of getting your significant other another tool or household décor item, why not give them a gift that is going to be useful throughout the entire year and possibly change their way of life? What kind of gift is this? This gift is self storage.

Is a Self Storage Unit an Odd Gift?

When you first hear that you can give self storage units as a gift, most people start to think that this is odd and maybe even a little impersonal. However, that is not the case, when you consider just how many benefits that a self storage unit can give someone. For example, consider this:

  1. This can be a great way to help a person to declutter their life.
  2. It can lead to the person getting their home in shape and picture worthy.
  3. It can be a great stress relief for those who are looking for new areas in their home for the items that they are accumulating.

Who Benefits from the Gift of Self Storage?

Who is it that self storage is a great gift for? Just about anyone! A wife is going to love having a new location to put decorations, or even those older items that she wants to keep while not wanting them in the home. A husband is going to love having an area that he can put his fishing equipment in so that it is not rattling around the garage and taking up space. 

Even kids will love having a space that they can put those old toys in while they make room for the new ones, knowing that they can get those old toys whenever they need. So, just about anyone is going to love a self storage unit as a holiday gift. What is better is that this is a year-round gift that is going to keep on giving! How many other gifts can do the same thing?

Still on the Fence?

Are you still on the fence about giving someone the gift of self storage? If so, consider these facts:

  • Self storage can help give someone a clutter-free life. It has been shown that clutter in your life is one of the reasons that you could be stressed out.
  • Self storage can help to sort those items that you may not want to get rid of, yet you don't want them to be seen in the home. For example, maybe you have antique furniture that belonged to a great-grandparent, that while beautiful is not really your style, you can simply store it.
  • Self storage units can be a great way to give someone the space they need for collections or hobby items that they may not have enough room for in their home. Many sports enthusiasts store their gear in these self storage units and use these units as a sort of base for their activities!

Giving someone a self storage unit for the holidays is not something that is going to tell them that their home is cluttered or that their hobby is out of control. It is simply giving them something that they are actually going to get some use out of. If it has the benefit of helping them to declutter or become more organized, that is even better!

A Few Tips for Organization

If you do get someone in your life a self storage unit as a holiday gift, here are a few extra tips that you can use to help them organize their unit in a way that is going to help them keep it organized and know exactly where everything is.

  1. Cardboard boxes are generally what people think of when they think of putting items into storage, however, that is not always needed. Sometimes plastic tote boxes are a great way to organize items because they are not going to break down as easily as cardboard boxes, and they are easily stackable.
  2. Consider shelving units in the storage unit as this can make organization much easier and make it so much easier to find what you are looking for.
  3. Be sure to label the boxes that are being put into the storage units so that you know what the box contains. Don't be afraid to go in-depth with label as the more you write, the more organized you will be.
  4. Be sure to place items in a way that makes sense to you. If you are using this for decorations, organize them by the holidays that they are for. (On a related note, you may want to read our new blog post on Self Storage Tips for The Holiday Season.)
  5. You are going to want to ensure that things are covered if they are going to attract dust, such as furniture. In fact, many people find that putting furniture pads or blankets around the furniture, then taping these into place is a great way to ensure that the furniture comes out just as it went in. (Here are some more tips on Keeping Your Self Storage Unit Dust-Free.)
  6. Remember that there are items that you do not want to put into storage units.

Self storage units are for more than those who simply need a place to store their belongings while they are in between homes. It is a way to add more useable space in your home. Using a self storage unit as a location to put those items that you do not use every day or every week can be a marriage saver. Giving a self storage unit for a holiday gift is a great way to add more control and organization to you and your loved ones!

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