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Los Angeles Self Storage Manager Interview


Los Angeles Self Storage has been a part of the Los Angeles community since 1999. We interviewed our manager at our Los Angeles facility, Lillia who has been with our company for 20 years. In this blog, we will be talking about Lillia's experience working for Smart Self Storage and what she loves about the beautiful Los Angeles Community.

Q: What do you like about working at Los Angeles Self Storage?

A: I like working with people and their different types of needs. We like to accommodate everybody and help them.

Q: How long have you worked at Los Angeles Self Storage?

A: I believe I've been working at Los Angeles Self Storage for 20 years.

Q: How long have you lived in Los Angeles?

A: I'm a California native. I was born in Venice but I’ve been living in LA for 15 years now.

Q: How do you like living in Los Angeles?

A: I like how there is a little bit of everything in LA. There's many different types of food and culture. If you want Jamaican food, you just go to Inglewood. If you want healthy organic food, you just drive to Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, etc. We're also near the airport LAX and the beach so it's quick to go anywhere.

Q: What is your favorite food to eat in Los Angeles?

A: I like to eat Mexican food and I like how there’s lots of different Mexican restaurants in L.A.

Q: Do you feel that Los Angeles Self Storage is part of the Los Angeles community? Why?

A: Yes definitely, our location is in the heart of downtown LA. We’re near Koreatown, Echo Park, and Silver Lake.  Many people relocate to LA and they live in apartments. Naturally, they need space for their belongings so they rent with us (check out our blog to enhance your apartment life with self storage).

Q: What is something you're proud of regarding Los Angeles Self Storage?

A: I'm proud of our customer service. We have multiple customers that come back to us and they refer their friends when they need storage. This means were doing a great job because they like our service. There's customers that have been here for a long time. One tenant rents in bulk and occupies an entire level. We also have customers from 10 years ago return to rent and ask for me, they remember me and we still have that connection which is awesome.

Q: In what ways does Los Angeles Self Storage help their community other than being a self storage?

A: In the past years, we've held a charity drive to help animals (check out our blog here). We partnered with ARME's shelter drive (Animal Rescue Media Education) in collecting donations like blankets, toys, dog treats, etc. Right now, we're in the process of looking to sponsoring a local afterschool activity. We also participate in Toys for Tots every year and we take pride in that. Every holiday, we contribute in providing gifts to less fortunate children.

Q: Do you like talking to customers about the Los Angeles community?

A: Definitely, I always ask them “what are you looking for?” and there's a couple places from the storage that is walking distance. There is so much to do in LA and I love recommending them to places around here.

Q: What does Los Angeles Self Storage offer that other self storage facilities might not?

A: Our customer service, friendly staff, and our flexible hours. We also offer our rooftop and interior for filming. There’s been movies, shows, music videos, and commercials that were filmed at our rooftop. Famous shows have filmed at our facility, so that is something unique about Los Angeles Self Storage. There is never a dull day! (Check out this blog and find out why we are the perfect one stop-shop for the entertainment industry)

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Los Angeles Self Storage continues to exceed our customers' expectations. It's why we have been voted "Best of Los Angeles" in storage these past 12 years. Our customers' experience is the proof of this and we take pride on what we have to offer. We are always here, not just for your storage needs, but to answer questions about the LA Community. Our friendly and professional management team such as Lillia and the rest of the Los Angeles Team are always ready to help you with your self storage needs. We look forward to seeing you and we would love to know your favorite thing to do in LA.

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