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Cypress Self Storage of Oakley, CA Offers Great Air Conditioned Self Storage Units


In East Contra County, the weather can get warm in the summer months. That's why it's so important to store temperature-sensitive items in an air conditioned self storage unit (also known as climate controlled or temperature controlled). Cypress Self Storage of Oakley is a brand new, state-of-the-art self storage facility. We offer an abundance of drive-up, interior hallway, and air conditioned self storage units to meet all needs. Today's blog post is a tour of our air conditioned units, which we believe are so special.

Video Tour: Oakley's Brand New Self Storage Facility

Let's begin today's post with a fun video tour from team member Ian:

It's So Easy To Utilize Your Storage Unit

By design, air conditioned self storage units are inside an enclosed structure. We decided to place our air conditioned self storage units on the 2nd and 3rd floors of our large Building C (the large building in the middle of our facility). Since heat rises, we did not place air conditioning on the 1st floor of Building C, because that floor already remains quite cool year-round (especially because of our amazing insulation). Because air conditioned units are inside (and upstairs), many customers ask us about convenience. The wonder if utilizing such units will be easy. Our answer: Yes!

Of course, our drive-up self storage units provide the ultimate convenience. However, our interior units (both first floor and also upstairs) are super easy as well. We designed our self storage facility so you can park your car or truck right near our building entrances. And, we provide free moving carts for your use. Simply load the car outside at your vehicle, and then push the cart to your unit. For customer heading upstairs, we installed a state-of-the-art OTIS elevator with extended hight cab, making it super easy to navigate with all of your items (including larger items such as mattresses).

Yes, you give up a little convenience choosing an interior unit instead of a drive-up unit, but you also gain quite a bit. In our 2nd and 3rd floor units, you gain the comfort and benefit of air conditioning. In all interior units, you gain the added peace-of-mind and comfort of being inside an enclosed structure. If you plan to spend some time organizing items within your unit, interior units are great in the cold and rainy winter months. At Cypress Self Storage, we love all of our different units, and see each one providing unique benefits.

Air Conditioning Is Great For Your Items and You

So many customers choose our air conditioned self storage units because they are storing items sensitive to very hot temperatures. Our air conditioning system keeps your items cool, year-round. However, did you know that our air conditioning also keeps our hallways and YOU cool as well? It can be very difficult to move in the hot sun. If you plan on spending a lot of time organizing your items in your self storage unit, it's so very nice to have an air conditioned unit. The air conditioning keeps your items and YOU nice and cool.

Special Features at our Self Storage Facility

At Cypress Self Storage, we offer so many state-of-the art features. Here are just a few that apply to our interior air conditioned self storage units:

  • Competitive prices
  • Individually-alarmed units
  • Exceptional hallway lighting
  • Generous lighting inside our larger units
  • Pleasant music playing on the speakers
  • Ability to community with our manager's office from our "call stations" on our upstairs floors
  • Restricted elevator access (only customers with units upstairs can access the elevator)
  • 24-hour digital video surveillance
  • Free use of our moving carts
  • Free use of our moving truck with move-in (terms and conditions apply, subject to availability)
  • Easy access at our four way signalized intersection with left turn lane
  • Exceptionally comfortable self storage office, with snacks, water, and coffee for our customers

Cypress Self Storage Specials

At Cypress Self Storage, we are part of Smart Self Storage, a company that owns 12 self storage facilities throughout California. With roots dating back 40 years, our company is stable and here to stay. We take great pride in our exceptional customer service. We are also home of the 1 year price guarantee, and take pride in our easy-to-understand pricing. At Cypress Self Storage, you will not see unit prices fluctuating all the time. We like to keep it simple and easy to understand. We also want to say "thank you" to our brand new customers by offering 50% off your first two full months. Of course, you also have free use of our moving truck at move-in (subject to availability, terms and conditions apply). We'll even give you a free disc lock with check-in. We've got some really cool items (such as tote bags, pens, key chains, and flashlights) that are all complementary for our customers as well.

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