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Old Town Pizza 2

Historical Roseville - Old Town Pizza


This is the last in our four-part Historic Roseville series. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed sharing it with you.

No Messing with Perfection

Historic Roseville is a great place to visit, and that visit isn't complete until you eat at Old Town Pizza Roseville. This amazing pizzeria is one of three Old Town Pizza owned by the Browning family. Since 1999, they've been creating pizzas that quickly become popular at any of their locations. As a matter of fact, their pizza is so popular that the Browning family insists on keeping the same recipes and menus at all three locations. While the setting and names of the pizzas vary, the delicious food is the same no matter where you eat it.

Old Pizza Town 2

Location Plus Ambiance Equals Fun

Old Town Pizza is set in one of Roseville's historic buildings and is one of the most impressive pizzerias that you're likely to be in. Let's start with the building itself. Old Town Pizza Roseville is beautifully decorated in a railroad theme fitting for its location. The ambiance is sophisticated crossed with charming and urban crossed with quaint. The spaces for eating are extra-large but there are just enough small details in each of them to make them feel cozy. Whether you choose to sit at a table, booth or the bar, you'll find yourself looking around at interesting touches of railroad references and memorabilia.

Then let's talk about the food! This pizza is loaded with the right balance of just enough but not too much of each fresh ingredient. Whether you prefer thick on thin crust, both are made to have all the best qualities you expect for your preference. Then there's the fresh and large variety of ingredients you use to customize your pizza. From the freshest of toppings to sauces made from scratch, your pizza creation will be the best of its kind. Of course, speaking of sauces, each of the sauces offered are mouthwatering delicious! If you love white sauce, the garlic white sauce is amazing (and my personal favorite) but there's also a barbeque sauce, pesto or tomato sauce that are also wayyyyy above average. So, bring your pizza creativity with you and Old Town Pizza Roseville will do your creation justice!

Signature Pizzas Worth Writing About

If you're a pizza enthusiast, you know that signature pizzas are the thing that hook you, right? At Old Town Pizza Roseville, the pizza artisans have curated several amazing signature pizzas that are hook-worthy. Let's talk about pizza like Choo Choo Chicken Pizza. This is THE garlic lover's pizza that combines a white garlic sauce topped with well-seasoned chicken breast, sliced onions, mushrooms and freshly ground garlic with a significant amount of delicious cheese. But if you're more of a barbeque person, then try out the BBQ Boxcar. It starts with a sweet but slightly tangy barbeque sauce, has that well-seasoned chicken breast on it along with pineapple, red onion and bacon (the real stuff, not "bits"). BBQ Boxcar makes a loud statement of delicious-ness every time. There's also a pesto-based pizza that's incredible and a meat loaded pizza known to carry a heavy load of meat from kitchen to table every trip. When this pizza arrives at your table with lots and lots of pepperoni, sausage, linguica and bacon, you'll know you're in the right place and the right time. There's plenty more to choose from including gluten-free crust and a Veggie Train with vegetables so fresh that you’d swear they came from the farm to the pan. That's just a few of the wonderful specialty pizzas that have helped make Old Town Pizza Roseville a tremendous success! Old Town Pizza Roseville's secret to great pizza is that everything is prepared fresh daily and there's no scrimping on ingredients. 

Beyond Pizza

While it's true that Old Town Pizza Roseville has unbeatable pizza, other equally great things are served here to give you the pleasure of variety. There are several salads to choose from, hot and cold sandwiches including meatball sliders that become a favorite of Old Town Pizza Roseville regulars. The kid's menu is great and of course, there's dessert. If you haven't had a dessert pizza, have one at Old Town Pizza Roseville and prepare to be a fan for life! There's flourless chocolate cake and wait for it…a gelato bar that does a great job of being the perfect caboose to the delicious train known as Old Town Pizza Roseville. Oh yeah, it happened like that!

Wet Your Whistle at Old Town Pizza Roseville

It's a foregone conclusion that pizza requires a wetting of the whistle so Old Town Pizza Roseville makes sure to shine in that area too. The beer offerings include over 23 selections of both regular and new beers. Of course, for those wanting something else, there's a variety of wine, sodas, juice, tea and coffee to choose from. No one goes away hungry or thirsty from Old Town Pizza Roseville!

Old Town Pizza 1

This location of Old Town Pizza has amazing features including a large banquet room, immense bar seating, a takeout window for convenient orders including pizza by the slice, outdoor patio seating and don't forget about that gelato bar!

At Roseville Self Storage, We Love Our Community

We hope you've enjoyed what we’ve shared about Historic Roseville in this four-part series. At Roseville Self Storage, we're very proud to be a part of such a great community and appreciate being your neighborhood self-storage facility. We know the hard work that it takes to move and do everything possible to make the experience run as smoothly as possible for you. We hope you'll try to make your move as pleasant as possible by visiting places like Foursquare Coffee House for some excellent coffee and pastries or maybe go for a full breakfast at Pacific Street Café and finish off your move by eating at Old Town Pizza Roseville; don't forget dessert while you're at it. Then for your first day after your move is complete, treat yourself to a visit to Carnegie Museum. You've worked hard so reward yourself to all the fun Historic Roseville has to offer.

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