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Comparing Self Storage Facilities in West Sacramento


There are tons of choices to make every day for those who live in West Sacramento, CA. You have numerous choices when it comes to where to shop, where to eat, where to get groceries, where to bank and even where to store your items that you are not needing right now. At West Sacramento Self Storage, we are huge fans of choice, and we realize that every self storage customer is looking for something that is different.

Before deciding on just one self storage unit in West Sacramento, we suggest that you consider a few aspects of each self storage facility that you are considering and compare these in a manner that ensures you are picking the best one for your needs. Remember, what works for one person is not going to work for another, as everyone has different needs when it comes to their self storage unit.

Price is Not Everything

One of the considerations that you need to remember is that price is not everything! Finding the cheapest self storage facility does not mean that you are getting the best quality or service. Many people find this out the hard way as they realize that they are paying less for a spot that is not safe or where they fear for their belongings. Paying the highest price for a self storage unit is not always the best either, as you may simply be paying elevated prices from a large business. This is why price should not be the only deciding factor when comparing self storage facilities in West Sacramento.

Location is Key

The location of a self storage facility in West Sacramento is key! The location is going to make all the difference to you. It will make it easier to store items in a location that is near to your home or business. It will make it ten times easier to check on your storage unit when it is close to your home or business. You do not want to have to go out of your way by hours just to get to the self storage unit.

You are also going to find that the location is going to be key to how comfortable you are with the unit. For example, being located in a nice part of town is going to settle your nerves and make you feel better about your belongings being put into storage, when compared to a self storage unit in a part of town that may not be as nice.

Also consider if you want a self storage unit that is near amenities so that you can easily stop at your self storage unit and then go somewhere else. We believe that our location at the Brand New Westbridge Plaza is one of the best locals that a person could ask for! We have a new facility that is located with plenty of amenities nearby including shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops and so much more! (Worth noting, we are incredibly close to the Southport Town Center too!

Check out the Age and Quality of These Units

When choosing a self storage unit, are you looking for something that is old or something that is new? There are several people who love new units, while other people find that the older units are just what they need. The key is to consider the quality of each unit that you consider.  Due to the number of new homes that are being built in the West Sacramento area, we have a fairly good idea that most people love new, and with our new location, you can easily get a new unit to use for self storage purposes.

There are benefits to both a new and older unit. For those looking at newer units, they are going to find:

  • They are brand new and beautiful, ready for you to use this as you like.
  • They have that never been used before smell (and cleanliness) that people love.
  • They offer all the latest and greatest features and amenities.
  • They often offer modern conveniences such as individually alarmed units, clean and pristine premises, state-of-the-art security, an incredible office, and more!

For those who are opting for an older unit, they has some benefits as well, such as:

  • Price: Older units are sometimes less expensive.
  • Reputation: Older facilities have been around longer and have a longer track record in the West Sacramento community.

What Is The Company All About?

Who is the company that owns the self storage units? This is something that you need to investigate. Ask yourself this, do you want to work with a publicity traded company, a family owned network or shops or a mom and pop self storage unit that is one of a kind? There are advantages to all of these! And for those who are in West Sacramento, all of these types of companies can be found in the storage unit industry!

We are a family owned company that has 11 locations, so we are small enough to give you the personal attention that you may desire. However, we are big enough, as we have been in business for 40 years to offer stability that you need to have when it comes to storing your goods in a storage unit.

Size Options

Does the company that you are considering have different sizing options to fit your needs? You don't want to have to use a large self storage unit when a small one would suffice. If you do not have options as to what size of unit you are going to get, are you really getting your money worth of what you are paying each month (or are you renting a unit larger than you actually need)? This is also something to consider when comparing the self storage facilities in the West Sacramento area. Bonus tip: Always leverage vertical space. Consider installing temporary shelving in your self storage unit to utilize all the vertical space.

You may need to find a self storage unit quickly, depending upon your situation, however, be sure that you take a bit to compare the different storage units that are in the area. You do not want to move your items into one storage unit only to find that you should have chosen differently. Do you research, compare these units wisely and choose the one that best fits your situation.

At West Sacramento Self Storage, we truly hope we win your business. We love our community and believe that we offer a one-of-a-kind facility. That being said, today's guide is truly meant to be unbiased and we hope it's helpful. We wish you the greatest and encourage you to compare all teh different facilities in our area, so you can find the one that's right for you!

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